100g “DROWNER” (spice sausage in sweet and sour pickle, with onion and spices)

100g Spicy pickled CAMEMBERT cheese

100g Grilled CAMEMBERT cheese with honing and almonds

2 pcs Baked potato pancakes with chicken mix

100g Steak tartar with toast (freshly mixed and flavoured)


Beef consommé (clear soup) with noodles

Beef consommé (clear soup) with lever dumplings

Garlic soup with crispy bread cubes and cheese

Vegetarian Dishes:

100g Deep fried cheese

100g Deep fried Camembert cheese

200g Chilly pasta  with garlic and parmesan cheese

200g Pasta with mushrooms

200g Baked gnocchi with spinach and parmesan cheese

Childes meal:

70g Steak of chicken, French fries

70g Deep fried chicken steak, French fries


200g Trout with grill vegetables (courgette, pepper, eggplant )

200 g Fresh salmon steak with spinach and Parmigiano

Main foods:

200g Stuffed chicken breast (stuffed with spinach and mozzarella)      

150g Deep fried chicken steak

150g  FLAMINGO pot (spicy pork with cucumber, onion, mustard and paprika)

150g  King"s steak (fried pocket of pork stuffed with ham, mushrooms and cheese) 

150g  Fried pork steak

200g Steak tartar with toast (freshly mixed and flavoured)


200g Grilled chicken steak

200g Grilled pork steak

200g Grilled beef steak



To steaks we recommend


Pepper sauce.

Blue cheese sauce

Mushrooms  sauce

Cream spinach

Grilled vegetables(courgette,pepper,eggplant)

Roasted green beans and bacon


Salad CEASAR (lettuce, chicken meat, tomato, croutons, Caesar dressing, parmigiano)



Hot raspberries with vanilla ice-cream

Pancakes with jam, whipped cream and caramel

Pancakes with hot wild fruits and whipped cream

Dessert Caramello

Nut’s pleasure (chocolate ice-cream, walnuts, almonds, caramel topping)

Danish sundae (vanilla ice-cream, whipped cream, chocolate topping)

Children’s sundae (vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice-cream, nuts, whipped cream)

Ice coffee (ice coffee, ice-cream, whipped cream)

Fruit-garden (vanilla and strawberry ice cream, strawberry topping, whipped cream, fruit cocktail

Side dishes:

Boiled potatoes

American potatoes

Potato pancakes 2 pcs

Toast with garlic

French fries

Mashed potatoes with onion